I-Streme Echo is Made in USA and is a joint venture between Interson corporation, a company headed by Roman Solek that has been building ultrasound devices for over 22 years in the Tri-Valley area (just east of SFO), and WiCis, a company founded by Dr. Leo Montejo (founder of Picis in the early 90's) and that specializes in mHealthcare devices for medicine. The probes developed for anesthesia have been fine-tuned by top engineers in the industry in collaboration with academia, and the results are better than you can imagine.

In short, we are no novices in the field, and have over 35 years of combined experience in software and ultrasound probe design.

With an added mixture of hardware and software engineers, anesthesiologists, artists, and marketing people - most in the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe, we have come up with a product that we believe will shake up the ultrasound market for good. And we are here to stay...

Our solution is integrated and shipped by our probe manufacturer.


WiCis Inc.

111 W. Proctor St.

Carson City, NV 89703