• Innovation In Ultrasound

    See Vital Signs and Ultrasound Imaging on the same Screen


    Neuraxiom Flash Cards

    Weighs < 3 lbs

    Cloud storage for all of your procedures

  • Linear array ultrasound

    5 MHz, 7.5 MHz and 10 MHz capabilties

    Doppler On/Off with blue button on probe

    Totally portable!

  • Doppler at the touch of a Button

    Use our Probe's Button to toggle this feature ON / OFF

  • Save your work

    Video: WMV, AVI

    Images: JPEG, PNG

    Paper: PDF

    Anywhere: Locally or in the Cloud

  • Ultrasound Made Easier

    Help Flash Cards From Neuraxiom!

  • Stream to Anywhere and to any device

    Less than a one second delay to any smartphone
  • I-Streme Echo

    Complete portable solution: < 3 LBS

    Hybrid: Imaging + Vital Signs

    Doppler: At the touch of a button

    Easy: Neuraxiom Help Files

    Cloud: Save your videos/images/PDFs in the cloud

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  • Modern touch-based UI

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I-Streme Echo Highlights

Stunning clarity on the Microsoft Surface Pro

Linear Array 5 MHz, 7.5 MHz, 10 MHz

Doppler activated from button on probe

Display Vital Signs on your ultrasound screen for increased safety

Neuraxiom Flash Cards

Save all your images in JPG or PNG format

Create PDF reports in less than 1 second with images included for documentation and billing.

Create .WMV or .AVI movies for teaching, sharing with your colleagues, or uploading on YouTube

267 ppi on MS Surface Pro 4 (> than MacBook Air)

Entire solution, with bag, weighs less than 3 lbs

Affordable and portable ultrasound for 1/4 the price of comparable systems





Neuraxiom Flash Cards are there to guide you through your procedure


Learn about blocks...

I-Streme Echo Hybrid Ultrasound System