• Introducing

    A most elegant ultrasound solution that you will want to own

    On Windows 10

  • So light

    It weighs 1.1 kg with the keyboard to be exact

    Less than a Macbook Air!

  • So sharp

    Its resolution is amazing

    1920 x 1280 (214 dpi)

  • And so attractively priced

    That you can finally own one for personal use
  • U-Blok Turbo3

    On the Microsoft Surface 3 Pro

    Own one!

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  • Modern touch-based UI

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U-Blok Highlights

Stunning clarity on the 2160x1440 Surface 3 Pro!

Save all your images in JPG or PNG format for billing

Create PDF reports in less than 1 second with images included for documentation and billing.

Create .WMV movies for teaching, sharing with your colleagues, or publishing on YouTube

Customized image enhancement. Select different image processing to suit your needs

216 ppi on  the 12.0 inch Surface 3 Pro.

Entire solution, with bag, weighs less than 3 lbs

Affordable and portable ultrasound for 1/4 the price of comparable systems

With proper ultrasound training, any anesthesia block can be performed using U-Blok


Neck 15MHz mode: Carotid artery and Thyroid Gland. Note clarity of thyroid capsule and small calcification


Learn about blocks...

U-Blok Turbo3